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New Zealand

NZ is the land of Adventures and Opportunities and attracts 10,000 international students every year into a plethora of programs


Why choose New Zealand

New Zealand spends a lot of its resources to guarantee students come to the 8th most popular educational hub in the world for its high notch education service. This idea is validated by the way that each of the 8 colleges of New Zealand are in the top 3% of positioned colleges internationally. 

New Zealand as a nation is very modest for instruction, practically 18% cheaper than Australia and 36% less expensive than Canada.

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How is student life in New Zealand

Education in New Zealand is blooming as it’s less expensive.The diversity in New Zealand, geographically, is very good and now most of the Indian students prefer studying in New Zealand due to its nature, beauty, quality of life, and education.Most of the country's people speak English so communication is not a problem in the country.


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Most popular colleges in New Zealand:

University of Canterbury

Lincoln University

Massey University

University of Auckland

Victoria University of Wellington

University of Waikato

University of Otago

Best programs to study in New Zealand:

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  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Marketing Management

Work and Study:

Similar to other countries, New Zealand allows full-time students to work part-time for about 20 hours per week.  

The minimum hourly wage is NZ $16.

Admission Process

Application Process:

  • Collect all the required documents (marksheet, standard entrance exam results, etc)
  • Fill the admission form
  • Pay application fee
  • Get LOA
  • Apply for Visa with proper SOP, proof of fund, medical and biometrics


Admission General Requirements:

  • Qualifiable test results (IELTS 6.5 with nothing less than 6)
  • No repetitive backlogs or KTs
  • Relevant work experience, if any

Application fee:

Ranges between NZ $75- $100 


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Fees and Scholarships

Average tuition fees in New Zealand:

On average, the fee might differ basis on the subject area:

  • Arts and social sciences: NZ $20,000 - NZ $25,000
  • Science and engineering: NZ $25,000 - NZ $30,000
  • Dentistry and medicine: NZ $75,000 - NZ $80,000

Student Accommodation in New Zealand:

Rentals on a shared basis are the most common choice for international students.

You can also get your own apartment, but that might not be an ideal scenario for a student since that could be very expensive.

Ideally, the cost of accommodation should range between NZ $500- NZ $600 per month per person, depending on the location.


Other monthly costs:

  • Food and take outs 
  • Gas, hydro, water expense
  • Mobile recharge 
  • WiFi connection 

Total miscellaneous expense counts around NZ $200


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  1. Can students work while studying in New Zealand? 

Yes, students can work around 20 hours per week while being enrolled in a full-time course. 


  1. Which English language tests are accepted in New Zealand? 

IELTS is the most preferred English test accepted in New Zealand.


Job Opportunities

Internship and Part-time opportunities in New Zealand:

An international student can work 20 hours per week along with their studies. They are also allowed to work full-time (around 40 hours) during holidays.


Average Salary in New Zealand:

1. On-Campus/Part-time work: A student can earn an hourly minimum wage of NZ $16, subject to the location of the job
2. Full-time work: Postgraduate professionals in the field of HR, reporting analyst, social worker and arts can earn around NZ $55K to 90K a year, whereas, medical, science and finance filed graduates make around NZ $80K to NZ $105K


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Visa Guidance

Visa Requirements for New Zealand:

Below are the documents you will need for Visa application:

  • Certificates and credentials, passport, valid work experience, etc.
  • Proof of funds document 
  • Biometric and medical
  • Duly filled visa application form 
  • Letter of acceptance from the university

Student Visa Fees for New Zealand:

Stands to NZ $330


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Connect with a mentor to clarify all your doubts about studying in New Zealand; get your questions answered

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