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From sandy beaches to global academic institutions , Australia is home to over 250,000 international students.


Why choose Australia

Authoritatively called the ‘Commonwealth of Australia', this sovereign nation is home to 25 million individuals. The capital city of Australia is Canberra. Melbourne and Sydney, the two biggest urban areas in Australia are the prudent and social center point of the country. 

A nation of 24.5 million individuals, Australia is substantially more than whatever it is renowned for – clean climate, Kangaroos, and Koalas. Known to be probably the best spot to live for global students and with a 11% ascent of students enrolled in 2017, Australia had around 690,468 of every 2018. 

Australia is believed to leave behind the UK to turn into the second most famous concentrate abroad objective after the U.S. as per the University College of London's Center for Global Higher Education. Be it positioning among top colleges on the planet or having an effect on the general public creating countless worldwide achievers, Australia stands tall with its widely acclaimed training arrangement of 1,100 foundations and 22,000 courses. 

As indicated by QS Best Student Cities 2019, which positions urban communities as per vital factors, for example, Student survey, University Rankings, Student Mix, Desirability, Employer Activity and Affordability, seven urban communities from Australia structure a piece of top 100 in the rundown. 

As a lifestyle, the Australian standpoint is to embrace the 'new' rather than to adhere to the old assumptions and propensities. This is a major in addition to any country. In 2018, China and India formed 43% of abroad understudies in the country. 

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How is student life in Australia

With the most advanced technology and learning methods, you are assured of a better education. Also, you’ll enjoy the way Austrailans live, as the people are more culture focused. Here, you’ll also find international students from all over the world.Otherwise called a country of outsiders, most individuals in Australia are English speaking so language is never going to be a barrier.


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Most popular colleges in Australia:

University of South Australia

The University of Queensland

Flinders University

University of Technology Sydney

University of Tasmania

University of New South Wales

University of Melbourne

La Trobe University

University of Wollongong

Swinburne University of Technology

James Cook University

RMIT University

Best programs to study in Australia:

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  • Professional Accounting / Accountancy
  • Actuarial Science
  • Architecture
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Business Management / Analytics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Culinary Arts / Hotel Management
  • Creative Arts and Design
  • Education
  • Data Science 
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Science / IT

Work and Study:

Like any other international country, Australia also allows full-time students to work part-time for 20 hours a week. Of course, it depends from one course to the next.

Minimum hourly wage starts from $18.93 


Admission Process

Application Process:

Collect all the required documents (marksheet, standard entrance exam results, etc)

  • Fill the admission form
  • Pay application fee
  • Get LOA
  • Apply for Visa with proper SOP, proof of fund, medical and biometrics

Admission General Requirements:

  • Qualifiable test results (IELTS 6.5 with nothing less than 6)
  • No repetitive backlogs or KTs
  • Relevant work experience, if any

Application fee:

Ranges between $75- $100 


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Fees and Scholarships

Average tuition fees in Australia:


  • $20,000 - $45,000


Post - graduate degree:

  • $22,000 - $50,000



  • $25,000 for 18 months(approx)


Doctoral degree:

  • $18,000 - $42,000


Student Accommodation in Australia:

Per month cost for accommodation may vary from $500-$800 per month on a sharing basis. The cost will vary from location to location.

Other monthly costs:

  • Grocery
  • Food take outs 
  • TV Connection
  • Mobile and internet charges
  • Travel passes 
  • Books and stationery 

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  1. What is the enrollment process in Australia?

It differs from university to university. Check-out our application process to understand how you can apply.


  1. In what cases can I study without a student visa in Australia? 

Australia does allow students to study without a student visa when a course is within 3 months.


Job Opportunities

Internship and Part-time opportunities in Australia:

As an international student in Australia, you are allowed to work 20 hours per week during your course and full-time in the holidays/semester break.


Average Salary in Australia:

1. On-Campus/Part-time work: A student can earn an hourly minimum wage of $18.93

2. Full-time work: On an average, a postgraduate professional can avail a minimum of $70k-$75K, Most experienced postgraduates can earn around $80k-$150k a year.



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Visa Guidance

Visa Requirements for Australia:

Below are the documents you will need for Visa application:

  • Certificates and credentials, passport, valid work experience, etc.
  • Proof of funds document 
  • Biometric and medical
  • Duly filled visa application form
  • Letter of acceptance from the university

Student Visa Fees for Australia:

Stands to $100-$150 


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